ECON 302

Fall 2013

"Iain was an amazing TA; he structured the tutorials well and was responsive to change when we required it; he was very very effective in enthusiastically explaining subject matter and was very good at explaining macroeconomic theory."

"Iain is a very helpful, knowledgeable, responsible, organized and funny TA. I enjoyed going to tutorials and got a lot of highly valuable information from him regarding the course. He seems to be genuinely excited about economics."

"Overall a nice and helpful TA."

"Iain was clearly very knowledgeable about the subject matter, sometimes going beyond what has been taught in lectures."

ECON 562

Winter 2016

"Very understanding."

"Any course he TAs in future would strongly benefit from more contributions by him..."

"... he was remarkably friendly and informative during these sessions."

"Iain was great, he really added to course with helpful instructions on Stata, and gave really helpful and in-depth feedback on the assignments."

"Iain was a total hero."

"He also provides excellent feedback on assignments, highlighting
exactly where one went wrong, and why, not simply circling errors and moving on."

"Iain has been super helpful to this class."

"Excellent TA. I especially appreciate his fast, clear and detailed email responses. Furthermore, he was very willing and available to discuss grading related issues.”

ECON 102

Summer 2016

"Very easily understood in tutorials, good attitude and enthusiasm."

"Iain was a very helpful TA and was able to enrich my understanding of the ECON 102 course material. He was very patient and if I didn't understand what he was saying, he would rephrase what he was saying so until I did understand."

"Iain was a very effective instructor. His powerpoint slides during tutorial was very clear and informative."

"Iain is one of the best teaching assistants I have ever encountered. He is encouraging of questions and is readily available outside of regular office hours. He is patient and receptive to different approaches to explaining the same topic. Not once did he ever show reluctance to go over the same concept more than once. He is very enthusiastic about teaching, and offers help to the best of his ability. Iain is extremely friendly and approachable - definitely one of the most helpful teaching assistants I have ever encountered!"

"Iain is very patient and helpful when it comes to answering students' questions, especially during office hours."

"He was very helpful and approachable. He always made sure everyone was following along and kept interest during the tutorial."

"He was really nice."