Welcome to my site! I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Vancouver School of Economics at the University of British Columbia. My research interests are in labour economics and macro-labour issues. I am currently working on projects that focus on general equilibrium spillovers, unionisation, and immigration.

I am deeply interested in the application of machine learning algorithms to economic problems. I am fascinated both by their ability to improve causal estimation, and to shed light on novel relationships.

I am on the Job Market and will be attending the CEEE meeting in Toronto in December and the 2019 AEA/ASSA meeting in Atlanta in January. Feel free to contact me at iainsnoddy@gmail.com. My job market paper and other job market materials are here. My UBC job market profile is here.

I am a graduate student member of the UBC Migration Cluster. My profile is here.

My linkedin profile is here.

Find me on github here.

Me, looking professional.

Me, looking professional.