Editing .do files

To download the .zip folder containing the .ado file and .sthlp file click on the program name. To use the program, extract the contents to the folder where stata stores additional .ado programs. This is typically 'C:\ado\personal'. Alternatively, if a link is provided to the EconPapers page then that program has been submitted to the ssc archive and can be installed as per any other user written command, by typing 'ssc install' followed by the program name in the stata terminal.

comdelete deletes comments from a .do file. It distinguishes between single line comments and block comments. It creates a duplicate .do file with all specified comments removed. Multiple files can be processed at the same time.

Suggested use: Some secure data centers allow for the extraction of syntax files with comments removed. This program was created so that comments can be easily and quickly removed from .do files from inside stata. 

Dependencies: none.