Cover Letter Generator

The academic job market requires the submission of cover letters to many similar jobs. For many of these jobs the cover letter is probably of relatively little importance. This is not true of all positions! To save time, I created a simple utility which helps to generate many cover letters using data inputted from an excel file. Job candidates could then scrape data into an excel file (or other database) and then use this utility (with modification) to generate many .pdf cover letters appropriately named for each job.

many_maker creates many cover letters that follow a similar template, modifying details in each before compiling. The program takes in an excel file which contains field information on things like employer addresses, position title and so on. The code can be very easily modified to allow for many more inputs to be included in the excel file.

Information in the excel file is turned into macros in a .tex file, and the latex cover letter template is filled in using information stored in these macros. Iterating on each row in the excel file, a separate cover letter is generated, modifying the information stored in these macros, and a unique cover letter is compiled.

Suggested use: many_maker can change the address of the posting, the name the letter is being addressed to, the included materials in the application package.

Dependencies: None

Cover Letter .tex template. Template file is imported into Stata and macros modified. To change cover letter format modify this template.

Data to be included in each cover letter. Each row contains data for a separate application. Input data in each row to fill cover letters. Columns can be added or deleted as necessary to create your desired cover letter.